Vargikaran – how we can communicate ShivBaba’s knowledge in the world

The project

This is an implementation of ShivBaba’s strategy mentioned many times in the murlis and avyakt vanis. The project presents how the Brahmins can increase the effectiveness of communicating ShivBaba’s knowledge in specific religious, social and professional groups. It has been created with the aim of:

  1. implementing BapDada’s guidance contained in the murlis and avyakt vanis and present how they work in the field of marketing communication
  2. decreasing costs as much as possible
  3. neutralizing damage and loss caused by the Brahma Kumaris’ long-term activities in the field of communicating ShivBaba’s knowledge and rebuilding the Teacher’s image defamed by them.

The project has been implemented by Pro Publico Bono from the Country of Sunrise. It shows how the Brahmins of the entire world can transmit ShivBaba’s knowledge effectively, invest very little money and achieve very good results. We invite you to go through the strategy along with the cases and see what were the results of its experimental implementation. If you like it and think that it makes sense, you may use it and tell the others on the local and international level to take advantage of this experience.

Vargikaran Seva

Shivbaba, the Intellect of the intellectuals, is not only a spiritual father, teacher and guide. He is also a great strategy planner. ShivBaba serves pro publico bono; that is why the main pillar of his strategy is achieving the maximum efficiency and minimum costs while communicating his knowledge clearly in various groups, fields and so on.  So-called ‘efficiency’ concerns two things:

  1. the reach of transmission (ShivBaba’s Message and Pillars of Knowledge should reach all the people of the world)
  2. the clarity of transmission (ShivBaba’s Message and Pillars of Knowledge should sound clear to various religious, social and professional groups)

According to the basic standards of the communication strategy, we can assume that the message has reached the target only when we are absolutely sure that:

1. the addressee has received the message

2. the addressee has read or listened to or seen the message

3. the addressee has understood the message.

If these three conditions have not been fulfilled, we will have to admit that the communication strategy was wrong and the resources invested in actions were wasted. Analyzing the Brahma Kumaris’ activities in the world from this perspective, we have to state firmly that their strategy is wrong. They have been wasting huge amounts of the public money while providing with the reach more or less 0% within the target. A part of the irrefutable proofs have been presented in the media. Still not estimated amounts of money have been thrown out while organizing useless programs, mega programs, printing and selling BK publications, organizing journeys, meetings, inviting guests and teachers from outside (as if the Brahma Kumaris were supposed to learn from them, instead of transmitting knowledge to them), buying and building houses, flats, founding and erecting temples, building altars and making useless offerings on them, printing propaganda posters advertising bodily gurus and the alleged Trinity in the form of Janki-Gulzar-Prakashmani, organizing birthdays parties, funerals and similar activities that do not differ from those on the path of devotion. Similarly, luxurious cloths, food and drinks as well as furniture have led to too “heavy” spending.

As Pro Publico Bono agents we are appealing once again to the governments and tax offices of all the countries of the world to check thoroughly income and outcome of the Brahma Kumaris, an officially registered religious sect that runs business associated with various fields, and settle down the accounts with them regarding misused public money. If someone would like to join the appeal of PPB and urge the relevant organs of control, the template of the document has been attached here: Appeal to national governments, tax offices.

The Brahma Kumaris, an international religious sect, declare that their activities are charitable and free of cost. However, in every center there are boxes for donations and offerings and the Brahma Kumaris themselves actively encourage people to put money into them. They also ask to give them loans and grants for purchasing new real estates and erecting new temples.

We inform all governments, ministries and tax offices of all countries that this activity of the Brahma Kumaris is against the Law established by the Teacher of the Brahma Kumaris about whom the Brahma Kumaris have been spreading gossips that he died and as a result of it they started to present him officially as a dot suspended in vacuum.

It was stated in the Law that:

1. It is better to die than to ask someone for something.

2. One must not waste even a penny.

3. One must not run a trade company, sect and so on.

4. Once must not invest money in the real estates.

5. One must not erect palaces, establish monastery-like centers or hermitages; ShivBaba’s path is the path of household where the entire family, meaning the mother, father and children live in tune with the highest law (dharma) transforming themselves into perfect and pure beings and through their stage they transform their house into a tower of light, knowledge, love, purity and peace, meaning a temple.

Because of horrible public loss and damage that the Brahma Kumaris have been causing throughout the world, both on the mental and material levels (parts of proofs are available in the site:, an alternative communication strategy that measures up to the standards set up by ShivBaba has been presented. We suggest that the Brahma Kumaris go through it and implement it as soon as possible in order to avoid further wastage that will lead fragile world economies to the edge of bankruptcy. The strategy is called ‘Vargikaran Seva’ (literally: the service in groups) and has been published in the Internet in few languages along with cases (examples of implementation), so that all the Brahmins, if they like it, could use it quickly and without efforts, for the public good.

Further, we are appealing to the Brahma Kumaris to stop shoving down people’s throats that Shiva has assumed the form of Dadi Gulzar; that Krishna is the father of the world as well as the father, husband and controller of his mother Gita. The Brahma Kumaris have been spreading this nonsense throughout the entire world and by doing this they have proved themselves to have killed the father on a spiritual level and made God a omnipresent human being. Can we wonder that ordinary people who don’t deal with spirituality on a daily basis say that the world has gone mad and everything is upside down? The Law established by the Teacher of the Brahma Kumaris says about  God:

  1. ‘I am not omnipresent.’ ‘I come in one’.
  2. ‘No human being can be God.’
  3. ‘I don’t come into a body of a virgin.’ ‘I enter the most lustful thorn.’
  4. ‘I enter this one here [meaning Brahma/Krishna] when he is in vanaprastha avastha.’ [meaning after being 60 years old; Brahma Baba was 60 years old in 1947, when he had already established the ashram in Karachi.]

A wider selection of points related to this topic, prepared by some students of ShivBaba’s knowledge has been placed in the link  Realisation Course Part 1

The strategy Vargikaran Seva – implementation in the field of action

  • Stimulating and increasing the reach of the Message
    • The Internet should be used as the primary medium in the areas where the computer and net are commonly in use.
      • The forms of communication: e-mails, blogs, free of costs announcements in WWW, participation in all kinds of public forums, managing the net of simple and unified sites in various languages that are linked with each other and that are easily loaded also for the wireless and low speed connections. The sites contain ShivBaba’s Message, Pillars of Knowledge, the clarification of the Trimurti Shiva, a selection of basic points and the link to ShivBaba’s main site containing all his classes. It is recommended that every Brahmin becomes a pro publico bono agents representing ShivBaba’s interests and remains active in the Internet as well as in the direct field of action for at least 8 hours. 8 hours of everyday work as an agent multiplied by the numbers of agents will make wonders.
    • For the areas where the Internet isn’t used or is used rarely, we recommend the distribution of simple and cheap leaflets A4, one color, two side printed and 3-folded. The leaflets contain ShivBaba’s Message, Pillars of Knowledge, relevant addresses and telephone numbers, where people can come or call and receive at least the clarification of the Trimurti Shiva. The distribution of the leaflets through volunteers.
  • Caring about clarity and the level of understanding the message by the target (things that ShivBaba emphasizes)
    • We need to bear in mind that ShivBaba’s knowledge is a new knowledge. Against all declarations, a human being assimilates new things unwillingly and with difficulty. The Brahma Kumaris who haven’t managed to assimilate one lesson “I am a soul” for over 70 years are undeniable proof of this. BK seniors who in their last birth were born in the culture that commonly uses ideas and concepts from ShivBaba’s knowledge have misunderstood them completely.
    • Taking into consideration the case of the Brahma Kumaris, it is recommended not to expose a person to a dose of foreign terms and ideas, because he will become discouraged and get stuck. According to what ShivBaba is teaching, the knowledge about the soul, the Supreme Soul as the father and the clarification of the Trimurti Shiva should be the basis. That is why we recommend to make it the content of above mentioned tactical net of sites in the Internet. Of course, each site contains the link to ShivBaba’s central site, where a child can “meet” the Father “face to face” when he wants.
    • At the end of the Iron Age it is necessary to provide a person with the information at least three times, in order it attracts his attention on a basic level. It is good, if each time he receives it from a different direction and in a bit different form. Each time chances that he will notice it are increasing, but there is no guarantee for more. That is why it is recommended to wisely stimulate media to become interested in ShivBaba’s knowledge. This should lead to their writing and talking about it, which in turn should increase the number of messages influencing an ordinary man. Shivbaba’s agents can put this point into their daily agenda and spend some time on stimulating the media.
    • In order a man wants to listen and understand, he needs to see a direct benefit of it for himself right from the beginning. That is why we have to absorb his attention. Each group, each religion reacts to a different ‘magnifier’. Shivbaba’s power of healing will attract the medical circles; as the most excellent Strategy Planner he we will attract politicians; as the Narrator of the Gita and the one who clarifies the Mahabharata and Ramayana he will attract the experts in oriental studies; the fact that Krishna is ShivBaba’s dearest child will make Krishna’s followers very happy; the scenario and structure of the world drama will attract playwrights and actors; the coherence of ShivBaba’s knowledge with scientific deductions will influence scientists; the topic of Dharma will attract lawyers and so on and so on. In other words, we need to identify the best ‘magnifier’ for every group, for the members of each religion. Then, use it as a template in which we insert ShivBaba’s unadulterated knowledge, in order to arouse people’s interest and draw their attention. Once they become interested, they will come spontaneously and ask for more. Cases presenting how to do it have been placed in this site.
    • ‘Mikes’, ‘heirs’, ‘VIP’, ‘Vijay Mala’ are playing the crucial role. Bap and Dada, in avyakt vanis, have been saying to the Brahma Kumaris again and again: ‘get “mikes” ready’ (mike tayar karo!), ‘prepare heirs’ (varison ko tayar karo!), ‘invoke Vijay Mala’ (Vijay Mala ka avahan karo!). Yet, the Brahma Kumaris seem not to understand the words ‘mike’, VIP and the others, although Bap and Dada have used English terms. They considered a woman to be the Father and placed before that ‘father’ microphones thinking that the work has been completed. Shivbaba clarifies:
      • Mike/microphone’ is a tool/instrument that enables the voice to spread all around (in four directions). Its reach may be narrow or wide depending on ‘sounding equipment’ and ‘exposure’. ‘Mike’ in the spiritual language refers to a soul-instrument that has passed through a spectacular spiritual transformation and becomes a living example for the people in its direct and indirect environment. Some cases in this site present how the ‘mike’ can work.
      • Heir’ sensu stricto is ‘a soul passing through the full cycle of 84 births and entering the group of 108, the Rudra Mala’. The Rudra Mala are those who receive the inheritance directly from ShivBaba. ‘Heir’ sensu largo refers to all the members of the Sun Dynasty (Suryavansh), meaning 450 thousands of souls-subjects and 16 108 souls entering the royal family. All of them are the direct creation of ShivBaba. The ‘heirs’ entering the group of 108, being seed-souls, meaning the spiritual fathers of the respective religions, will become instruments in transmitting ShivBaba’s knowledge to the spiritual mothers of those religions, to the religious fathers (Abraham, Buddha, Christ, and so on) and other representatives of those religions at the lowest costs. The heir has to be male; gender related to the body has no importance here, because we are dealing with the spiritual issues. The soul, meaning ‘purusha’ or ‘atma’ (Sanskrit) is masculine. So, only the one who has achieved the stage of the full soul consciousness can become a heir.
      • One heir or mike will reach hundred thousands souls connected to him! They will attract similar souls ensuring that each group is rather homogenous. They will also appear credible to the group speaking to people professionally.
      • Taking all these facts into consideration, it is recommended that the mothers, that is Brahma Kumaris, do not hinder the work that should have been already done for the public good. It is recommended that they keep themselves busy with studying and purifying for the well-being of the future spiritual progeny. The mothers’ help and co-operation will enable to lower the costs of reach, the cost of renting and will initiate their path of making noble spiritual efforts for the account of their future births. Bap and Dada have been repeating these thing to the mothers for decades. The only things that the mothers need are: courage, getting rid of attachment to the past, name, form and place. Bap and Dada say that it is attachment that is the biggest problem for the mothers. Attachment arises illusory fear of losing something.
      • ‘VIP’ doesn’t refer to the world celebrities. Bap and Dada are using the spiritual language and talking about issues connected to the soul. VIP means ‘a soul that makes very intensive spiritual efforts resulting in achieving a high spiritual position and that becomes ‘a very important person’ in ShivBaba’s eyes.
      • To recapitulate, concentration on finding ‘mikes’, ‘heirs’, ‘VIP’, who in turn will become instruments for big groups and crowds is what Bap and Dada mean. They have been talking about this in the murlis and avyakt vanis for years. This pending job has to be done smoothly and quickly.
      • In this connection, there is an appeal to the fathers and mothers to achieve the stage of being dead alive and erase their ego as quickly as possible for the public good. Their present stage makes the intercultural and interreligious dialogue impossible and obstructs the path to the inheritance of liberation and liberation in life to all the souls in the world. The responsibility for the world and its future rests with no one else but the parents! Mothers! Start studying! Fathers! Defeat Ravan! It is the highest time for the fathers to die completely and completely isolate the mothers from the world which will help them die in loneliness, so they could become ready for entering the path of knowledge! The task of liberating Sita from Ravan’s jail in order she could bring the Vijay Maya, the task of emerging the world ancestors (450 000 + 16 108 Shivbaba’s direct children) out of 7 billions people in the world are the priorities for the parents.
  • Things that are not recommended
    • It is not recommended to promote and advertise one’s name. It is Shivbaba who is the Narrator, Father, Teacher, Guide. His name should be always in the first place and he should be presented as the Spiritual Father who narrates knowledge, explains, clarifies everything.
    • It is not recommended to promote the name ‘Brahma Kumaris’, the name of a dangerous sect that has defamed ShivBaba across the world. However, one question still has remained open: ‘How can we neutralize the fatal results of the Brahma Kumaris’ activities in India and other countries? Hopefully this issue will find its solution later on.
    • It is not recommended to gather people in big groups and straight away expose them to the direct influence of ShivBaba’s class. ShivBaba is the Sun of Knowledge. A living being exposed to the direct sunrays may experience sunstroke and die. The ozone layer in the form of the mothers and virgins appointed by Shivbaba as instruments is needed. They introduce knowledge to the living being and prepare it for the meeting with the Sun of Knowledge.
    • It is not recommended to invite world famous VIPs, celebrities and enable them to conduct classes, lectures, seminars and so on. These kind of people usually don’t understand ShivBaba’s knowledge, they don’t agree with it and they conduct classes according to their opinions. They create additional chaos and spread the Kingdom of Ravan. There are irrefutable proofs of this.
    • It is not recommended to produce, publish and distribute works of human gurus, thick or thin books, albums, ‘home-made’ poetry or prose, cooking books, fashion catalogues, propaganda posters, photos, pictures, gadgets, rings made of gold, silver or other metals, meaning all these occupations in which the Brahma Kumaris have been busy till today are not recommended since these activities belong to the path of worship and waste the public wealth.

We invite you to go through the cases placed in this site as they show clearly how easy everyone can become an independent multi-skilled officer working for ShivBaba, open his office and work in his business 8 hours a day and achieve success.

An experimental implementation of this strategy in one of the local markets enables us to present you 9 cases plus results which become an irrefutable proof that BKIVV’s strategy of communication is a great mistake, it has consumed huge amounts of money and brought about a lot of damage, human confusion and  waste of the public wealth. The presented cases are ready templates that can be used to generate public interest, stimulate public attention and then show the door to the Ocean of Knowledge.

The personal names in the cases have been changed.

In case of doubts and questions, please do contact the local Pro Publico Bono servant.

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